IPC-2581 Consortium Mourns Loss of Champion, Friend and Industry Icon

Dieter Bergman, a champion of technical standards passed away on July 23rd. He was 82 and is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.

Consortium members have expressed great sadness over the loss. "A true pioneer in the industry" and "one of the great ones" members have described him. As "the heart and soul of the IPC Designers Council," Dieter Bergman contributed greatly to the birth and development of IPC-2581 with his passion for the standards. He really knew PCB design inside and out, and the information could be instantly retrieved right from his memory. When a question was asked, you did not receive only the response from Dieter, but also how and why the answer came about. "A ten second question would receive a 10 minute response," members have said this to be one of many "Dieterisms." The answer usually included the what, why, and who asked for a particular item in the specification being discussed. His memory was remarkable, his mind sharp till the very end.

Dieter joined IPC in 1969 with one goal: to replace Gerber data with a seamless neutral file system that the electronics industry could all use together. He had been the Vice President of Data Transfer Technology at IPC for the past 15+ years. Although many listened to his conference speeches about developing the standard, few took action until recently, when IPC-2581 Consortium was created. This made Dieter's dream of IPC-2581 neutral data transfer come true.

We thank Dieter for all his contributions and achievements and he will be missed greatly, both personally and professionally. As IPC-2581 Consortium members, we must continue to strive as a team to inherit and further develop the great legacy Dieter has left us.

Included below are some of the sentiments expressed and shared by consortium members-
"I was very fond of Dieter, and he is as close to being irreplaceable as any person could be."
"His passion for the standards, the process is unmatched. We will miss him."
"Let us today in his memory, give thanks for all his contributions and achievements, he will be so missed."
"I am glad that he did live to see IPC-2581 finally come to fruition."
"Dieter was like a father to me. A father that I never had and who I could always turn to for advice."


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