PCB West Update from the IPC-2581 Consortium

IPC-2581 Consortium participated in PCB West 2015 on September 16th. PCB West this year, was an impressive conference that hosted many members of the PCB design and supply chain companies, including booths from the IPC-2581 Consortium and 13 of its members. In contrast to previous years, when the questions asked at the booth were “who are you” and “what do you do,” the questions this year revolved more around the tools that support IPC-2581 and the data that it contains. The knowledge that conference attendees had of IPC-2581 shows that the awareness of IPC-2581 has grown greatly in the PCB design environment. 

Check out what some of our members who volunteered at the IPC-2581 Consortium booth had to say about their experience.

Terry Hoffman, Cisco

“My experience at the booth was very gratifying as people asked us how IPC-2581 could help resolve some of the tasks they had.  For example, there was one group that stopped by asking if they could use the format to split up a board into sections so they could run DFM analysis on it.”

Nancy Jaster, Design Process Manager, IPC

 “People were asking great questions, which will help us push the standard to evolve to the next level.”

Joe Clark, Downstream Technologies

“Biggest thing for me was a clear awareness by booth visitors of the IPC-2581 format, the consortium, and what it is we are trying to accomplish.”


Along with the booth, the IPC-2581 Consortium also presented a paper - “An Update on Design Data Transfer Using IPC-2581,” presented by Hemant Shah (Cadence), Terry Hoffman (Cisco), Gary Carter (Fujitsu Network Communications) and Ed Acheson (Cadence). It provided an update on IPC-2581 consortium activities that included adoption update, membership update and provided an updated support matrix of which companies support the standard today. The presentation then goes on to discuss the IPC-2581 Consortium goals and how it has been implemented and supported by leaders in the PCB community.


Like in previous years, this year again, the IPC-2581 Consortium offered a passport program for participants to learn more about IPC-2581 support and a chance to win one of six great giveaways. See who won each of the prizes below!

•Vijayanand Vadnelu, Tamind LLC, winner of the $100 Bestbuy Gift Card, sponsored by ADIVA

•Steven V Chavez, UTC Aerospace, winner of the Remote Control Car, sponsored by Altium

•John Yep, Multiware, winner of the Nest Thermostat, sponsored by Cadence

•Ammon Chalgel, Chalgel Engineering, winner of the Fitbit Charge, sponsored by  Downstream

•Richard Vargas, winner of the $200 Amazon Gift Card, sponsored by Sierra Circuits

•Mustafa Yousufs, winner of the $250 Visa Gift Card, sponsored by Zuken



PCB West was a great experience for the IPC-2581 Consortium and all of those involved. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth and spoke with our representatives.