IPC-2581 Consortium: A Great Stride Forward

IPC-2581 consortium held a chat session yesterday on Printed Circuit University, which had been cordially supported and actively participated by professionals in the industry. So far, there were more than 1000 visitors to IPC-2581 Consortium Chat. The moderators, led by Gary Carter from Fujitsu, answered more than 20 questions during the one hour session. The most frequently asked questions were around why IPC-2581 and what could be improved by adopting IPC-2581. In answering these questions, Gary listed several benefits of adopting IPC-2581. First of all, IPC-2581 is truly an standard developed by an internationally recognized body IPC. Secondly, IPC-2581 could improve efficiency by eliminating data interpretation and documents to drive PCB fabrication, assembly and test operations. If you adopt IPC-2581, you will have improved support for drilled/routed content, improved embedded component support and improved support to net-list for manufacturing testability.

 Although the moderators tried their best to answer all the questions submitted, the one hour time was still not long enough. It shows data transfer has been an area of high interest to the industry. In order to enable, facilitate and drive the use of IPC-2581 in the industry, all consortium members will be willing to respond to all concerns and questions that people might have with IPC-2581. So if you miss the IPC-2581 Chat session on Wednesday, don’t worry. You can contact us directly on our website www.ipc2581.com. Also, the consortium will be presenting a poster next week (February 28 – March 1) at IPC Apex Expo (San Diego, CA) and will have a booth there as well, where members can answer your questions about the new standard. 

2011 had been an eventful year for IPC-2581 consortium as it was formed in June 2011 to bring companies together to accelerate the adoption of IPC-2581 as an open, neutrally maintained global standard. Stepping into 2012, the IPC-2581 consortium reaches significant milestone in validating the accuracy and robustness of IPC-2581 data from generation through to consumption across its design chain wide consortium member companies. Meanwhile, validation viewers from WISE Software, EasyLogix and DownStream Technologies are all available to download on the consortium website immediately. The consortium has also made three designs in IPC-2581 format available for viewing using any of the three independent free viewers.

This is just a beginning. IPC-2581 consortium still has a long way to go. However, with more and more companies’ joining, IPC-2581 consortium is taking firmer steps toward the goal of enabling, facilitating and driving the use of IPC-2581 in the whole industry.