IPC-2581 update with Ed Acheson interviewed by PCBDesign007


Ed Acheson, product engineer with Cadence Design Systems, presented a session on IPC-2581 design standard at IPC APEX EXPO 2013. He sits down with Editor Andy Shaughnessy to discuss the advantage of IPC-2581 and what's next on the quest for a truly standardized standard. 

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Design data transfer to Manufacturing using IPC-2581

The January Issue of famous Germany electronic magazine "ELEKTRONIK PRAXIS" published an article written by Dirk Muller from FlowCAD. In the article, Dirk talks about the inefficiency of existing PCB design data transfer formats in the industry, as well as the importance of IPC-2581 as it is supported by IPC which is a strong and neutral industry group, instead of proprietary formats owned by individual companies. 

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PCB Design Magazine: Data Transfer Formats - Go Round and Round


There’s been an ongoing discussion about design data transfer format. With the first PCB fabricated with IPC-2581 data, the discussion is heating up. While it seems Gerber, ODB++ and IPC-2581 are all very capable formats. Which one will win the great data transfer format horse race? The January issue of PCB Design Magazine untangled the maze of design data transfer.

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IPC-2581 consortium paper received “The Best Paper” Award at NCEDAR 2012!

IPC- Association Connecting Electronic Industries - announced the winners of 2012 Best Paper Award at IPC NCEDAR 2012. The paper about IPC-2581 Consortium drafted and presented by Cadence AE Director Vijaykumar Patil earned the first place honor. In this paper, Patil talks about the benefits of using IPC-2581 and why PCB design and supply chain companies should adopt it. 

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